Inside Blossom Pilates & Soul you’ll find:

  • A sacred space where you can show up and just be you
  • A neighborhood studio in the heart of Hillcrest where our knowledgeable, certified pilates instructors will deliver an intelligent, full body workout that meets you exactly where you’re at.
  • Sweat, focus, laughter, transformation, individualized attention, great music and fantastic people all dedicated to sharing, learning and growing with you.

We welcome you into a space where you feel comfortable, motivated, and inspired to unite the mind, body, and soul through a comprehensive workout designed to refine and condition all layers of your body.

Studio History

Budding a Business

Debbie Lichter, founder of Blossom Pilates & Soul, initially launched BLOSSOM in 2010 as a 7 week workshop for college women designed to help young co-eds learn how to reconnect with themselves and each other at a deeper level using a mixture pilates, meditation, journaling and group sharing. BLOSSOM was an acronym for Body confidence, Loving yourself, Owning your power, Sisterhood, Soul connection, Open communication and Mindful practices. What she discovered was that the principles she was teaching to the college students were resonating with her clients of all ages. And so in November of that year, Debbie opened Blossom Pilates & Soul—a place where people of all ages could come to connect, sweat, laugh and flourish.

Growing with Grace

In less than two years, Blossom Pilates has expanded to include more equipment, services, programming, retail and instructors, and is now an official site offering MELT Method classes and private training. Forever dedicated to the Blossom mission to create a worldwide community of happy, healthy people, who align with their power, embrace who they are and spread love and inspiration to those around them, Debbie and the Blossom team continue to launch programs, resources and training that support the mission. More than a place to simply get flat abs and toned muscles, Blossom is a place to transform, flourish and thrive.