Embrace “I Don’t Know”

Are you ready to ditch an old way of thinking that no longer serves you in the evolving consciousness? What if I said your need to know where you’re headed and what you’re supposed to be doing is holding you back from a life filled with unlimited abundance, joy and satisfaction? It’s true. The more we try to control the outcome of our lives, and create elaboate plans for managing our time, the more we cut ourselves off from the myriad of miracles and opportunities all around us. 

Ironically, it’s in holding onto our boxed-in idea of what it means to be successful that isolates us and causes us to feel more even more disconnected, unsuccessful and lost. 

As times change and a new consciousness awakens, there is a new way of living available to us. It is one of openness, receptivity and trust. It is one of embracing the “I don’t know.”  For by embracing the “I don’t know,” we open ourselves to receiving intuitive guidance and direction from the universal wisdom that is flowing through us at all times. In fact, it’s the letting go of everything we think we know that allows us to feel connected to the rest of the world, and filled with a sense of purpose, peace and ease.

Does that mean that we should not ever make plans? Of course not. But, what if your visioning for your day started with these questions, “Universe/God/Spirit, who will you have me be? where will you have me go? And with whom? How can I be of maximum service today? Please help me trust that you will provide everything that I need today and help me to listen to the intuitive guidance coming from deep within.” 

Try this for a week and let me know what you notice. 😉

 Sending you love and inspiration on your journey today.


 Artist, movement educator and guardian of the sacred, Debbie Lichter helps women reconnect to the unique rhythm of their own heart song through jewelry making, symbolic adornment & Hands-off Bodywork. Using practical tools and simple techniques, Debbie helps empower women to manifest their own healing and transformation, so they can continue to flourish and blossom in their lives. Debbie currently teaches Pilates & the MELT Method at her Hillcrest studio, Blossom Pilates and Soul, where she also sells her one-of-a-kind handcrafted Urban Blossom Jewelry. To experience transformational programming with Debbie visit www.blossompilates.com, call (858) 224 3577 or email debbie.lichter@gmail.com.