Guided Embodiment Meditation Exercise-Audio Download

Did you know that feeling dissatisfied, anxious or stressed are all symptoms of being disconnected from our bodies? When we are separated from our bodies, we exist solely in our minds and are then subject to the committee in our heads that is constantly telling us “you’re not enough,” or “you’re not going to get what you need,” or “you’re going to lose what you have,” or any of a million other fears, delusions and limiting beliefs that swarm our thoughts.

It’s no wonder that we identify with the women’s bathroom symbol which depicts a women’s body with her head floating above it. We are also walking through life as if our heads were detached from our bodies.

When we are cut off from our bodies we disconnect from our senses and from the present moment. Our brain is masterful at projecting into the future or reflecting on the past as a way of gauging how to proceed in life. We become comfortable with these tools because they give us a sense of safety. The trouble is that when we rely on tools that are constantly taking us from the past to the future, we miss out on the present moment.

And since the present moment is the only place that we can really live, we rob ourselves of truly living. So many of us are waiting for some time in the future to be happy. Convincing ourselves that as soon as certain circumstances are achieved in our lives we will be able to finally relax and enjoy our lives. This is another delusion of the mind that keeps us in the hamster wheel of diminishing returns.

So how do we break the cycle and reintegrate back into our bodies? With daily practices that bring us out of our heads and into our skin; practices that bring our attention to how our bodies feel in the present moment. Pilates, the MELT Method and yoga are all excellent forms of exercise to help ground us back into our bodies.

In addition to pilates and MELT classes that you can take at the studio, I have also included a bonus tool that I recorded for you:

Guided Embodiment Meditation Exercise:  Listen here.

Listen to this 7 min meditation every day and experience stress, anxiety and worry melt away as you ground into your body, into the present moment and into your ability to live your BEST life right now.

With love and inspiration,
Your Transformation Coach, Deb

Debbie Lichter is a Pilates Instructor, MELT Instructor and Owner of Blossom Pilates & Soul studio in Hillcrest, San Diego. To start your mind, body soul transformation visit or call 858-224-3577.